Your money mindset is either working for you or against you.

There’s only two ways it can work for you. 

For you or against you, how is your money mindset serving you?

Today I want to break down why you may not be where you want to be financially and it’s your money mindset and so let’s get right into it.

Number one is your childhood programming. As you grew up, you were taught certain things about money. You were taught certain ways to think about money. You had an upbringing where you had some type of influencer in your life that gave you some ideas of how you should think about money. Some examples: 

Money doesn’t grow on trees. 

No you can’t have that. 

We can’t afford that. 

No, no, no, no! 

Does that resonate with you?

We, as kids grow up in an environment where sometimes our money mindset is programmed at a very young age. How about around wealthy people? I know for me, I grew up where it was kind of an undertone around wealthy people are a certain way, so subconsciously you never wanted to be wealthy. 

Here are some examples of expressions: 

“I would rather be happy than be rich.”

Can you be happy AND rich?



Number two is scarcity around spending. How do you feel when you spend money? Do you feel anxiety? Is there that instant feeling of, oh gosh, this doesn’t feel good. 

What’s your initial thought? Are you more someone who wants to tuck away every single penny for a rainy day?

How you are around your spending habits is a huge indication around your money mindset. I know for me, back in the day when I was really struggling with my money mindset, I didn’t want to spend, if I went to a restaurant, I would be, always looking for the cheapest item on the menu. 

Scarcity around spending, scarcity around things and materials, are very, connected when it comes to either attracting or repelling money into your life.

Number three is the stigma around wealth. 

I talked a little bit about that when it comes to childhood programming when we’re young, but this is a huge indicator of your money mindset. I was talking to somebody recently who was talking about how all wealthy people are you-know-what.

Their view of how rich people act or behave is absolutely a reason why they financially are not in a good place.

Now, I heard an expression once, you cannot have what you despise. If you look at wealthy people and you automatically think, I don’t want to be wealthy because wealthy people are _________. Then you’re not going to have that in your life. You have to look at people as individuals, not defined by whether they have money or not. There’s amazing wealthy people and there’s not-so amazing wealthy people and here’s the expression, ‘Money exposes who you really are.’ It just magnifies your character. If you’re an amazing person, you will have amazing things in your personality and you will be that way when it comes to having a lot of money. You’ll be more of a giver than a taker. If you’re not an amazing person, maybe your ego will come out. These are all different ways to look at it.

The fourth and most important factor is your lack of awareness. 

Your lack of awareness around your money mindset could absolutely be stunting your growth. I invested in some major coaching; business coaching a year and a half ago and coincidentally, within 12 months of meeting that coach and really discovering my money mindset issues, I tripled my financial portfolio. Within 12 months of discovering that I had a block on how I viewed money, viewed wealthy people and viewed my own ability to create and have more money.

I want to encourage you to have more awareness around how you think about money. It will make all the difference. If you think negatively, that’s okay. It’s having the awareness around it.

I hope these tips helped you. I will be expanding on this topic on Facebook live, on my profile on Thursday 9:30 pm Eastern. I hope to see you there. Until next time, become shatterproof.

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To your success,

Rena Zaharov