Recruit more people with this one simple tip

Do you want to effortlessly enroll people into your business?

I’m gonna give you one tip today that is going to change everything for you if you truly embrace it.

Be pulley with your potentials for your business.

What does that mean? It means you don’t need everybody in your business, and that is the energy you want your prospect to have. Now, let give you an example.

I personally am very selective with who I choose to partner with in business. I’m looking for people that are positive, that are coachable, that have a good energy to them. You know those people that when you’re around them you feel great? They’re not draining you. They’re not dragging you down.

Sometimes, I’ll be in conversations with somebody who, they want me to dance for them, they want me to answer all their questions, they want me to sing to their tune. I am the one in control. This is my business, and I get to decide who I work with. Now, energetically, how are you feeling with what I’m saying right now? Do you feel more confident just by listening to what I’m saying?

So many people in the space of business, they want to close a deal. When you are coming from a place of posture, when you are coming from a place of not needing any single individual to be successful, you are truly coming from a place of abundance and you don’t need or want just anybody in your business. You’re going show up differently.

Some of the things that I will say to somebody is, “Take as much time as you need.” Pull back.

Learn how to not need to close every single deal. Sometimes, rejection is protection. Sometimes, when people say no, it’s a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, when you sign somebody up just because you want that sale, you’re actually doing a disservice to your business. You have to think about your team, you have to think about the culture. You have to think about your mental health.

When you’re enrolling just anybody because you want that sign up, you are potentially putting yourself in a position where you’re gonna have to deal with negativity, drama. So learn how to become pulley with your prospects. Learn that you do not need everybody in your business, you don’t need to close everybody. And I hope this helps you today.

Until next time, become shatter-proof.

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