How build your brand and increase your audience on social media

I want to help you with how to increase your audience on social media. How to gain more followers. How to gain more success building your brand on social media.

In order to do that you have to understand some fundamentals. Every person has a different story. Every person has a different background and here’s the beautiful thing about building a brand and building your influence on social media. It is entirely up to you and what’s exciting about that is you can go from where you are to where you want to be with a couple simple tweaks every single

Number one, you want to start thinking about your brand pillars. What makes you you? What makes you excited every single day? What are you passionate about? What separates you from everybody else that you know? What is your superpower?

You want to start thinking about ways that you can show up in the marketplace and really separate yourself from everybody else. What do you want to be known for? What could you effortlessly talk about? What are you super educated about? What are you absolutely passionate about?

You’ve got to define those brand pillars. You got to define what exactly makes you unique and what is the message that you want to be putting out there.

So let me give you an example. My brand message is all around becoming shatterproof. So what does that mean? It means showing up in the energy of strength. It means being about to overcome obstacles, right? It means being able to create success no matter what you’re presented with. So every single thing that I talk about has that undertone of becoming shatterproof.

Now what are some of my brand pillars?

I absolutely love helping ambitious women. I love business. I love team building. I love team culture. So I wrote down all of the different things that I personally love that I can authentically show up and share information on. So that’s number one. You really want to identify what separates you, what are you excited about, what are you passionate about. Really break that down.

Number two, intentional messaging. No longer are the days of you showing up on social media just because. You have to put thought into your message. You have to know that there is a purpose behind every single post that you do. If you show up intentionally and really put thought into every post, every photo, every message it has to align with your overall message of what your brand pillars are. So you want to really start to think about who you want to be known for, who you want to show up as and intentionally show up that way.

Number three, you want to take people on a journey and you want to do that through sharing stories. So many people are afraid to be real and I will tell you the absolute truth.

The secret sauce to creating success on social media, and building that brand, and having people really tune in to your message and want to get to know you and want to reach out to you and want to be in your presence, is vulnerability, authenticity and being real.

That truly is your superpower. Maybe things aren’t perfect in your world, share about it. Maybe you’re going through some stuff, share about it. As long as it is encompassing of your brand pillars.

What are you passionate about, what are you knowledgeable about. What can you do to add value to other people in your niche of expertise.

I hope that this message was valuable for you. I will be expanding on this topic Thursday night, 9:30 Eastern time on my Facebook page. Join the conversation !