How to 10x production on your team

Do you wanna have a growing sales organization?

Do you want your team to be filled with motivated, excited individuals that are producing, that are happy to show up, that excited to be a party of your team?

If you answered yes, then you’re gonna wanna stay tuned for these two quick power tips on how to increase your production in your sales organization.

So heres tip number one,

Tap Rooting.

Tap Rooting is the art of really digging deep into your team. Sometimes the people you enroll, enroll people, that enroll people, that enroll people, Eventually, you have people that are really, building an amazing business, that are not personally enrolled by you but they’re in your organization. Make sure those people are heard, seen, and recognized. Sometimes, and it happens in every type of business, but sometimes you’ll have somebody enroll somebody and they won’t necessarily be passionate about building the team, or that excited about showing up and sharing the information.

So, you have to always be on the lookout for who’s showing up, who’s participating in the team culture, who’s producing, and ensure that you’re recognizing and connecting with those individuals.

Tip number two, and this is a point that a lot of people miss, you gotta have fun.

I see a lot of teams that aren’t growing, they’re stagnant, they’re not excited. The reason for that is, it’s always business, business, business. You gotta learn to have fun. Team culture is all about appreciation, recognition, having fun, excitement. Not only how to’s and business, business, business, all the time. You wanna learn how to really have fun. Make your environment a place where people feel awesome to be part of.

I remember once, somebody telling me, after a long stressful day at work, coming into the team environment is what lights up her day. So make sure that you’re
really diving deep into your team and checking out, who are those people that are showing up and that are committed, and are you recognizing them? Are you raising them up? Are you elevating them? Second, make your team environment a place where you can have some fun. Don’t just be business all the time.

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