How to handle energy vampires in your life and business

We have all had people in our life who make us feel uncomfortable.  We have all probably had arguments or disagreements or just not seen eye to eye with people in our lives and business.

Today I want to differentiate normal relationships and toxic ones. It is so important that you learn how to teach people to treat you but more importantly learn how to recognize the signs of dysfunction.

Signs of a toxic energy vampires

  1. You feel drained, exhausted, and unwell after speaking to them or even thinking about them
  2. You feel heavy and anxious around them
  3. You walk on eggshells
  4. You feel down or fearful and your energy gets low in their presence
  5. They can turn things around and make you feel like you are the problem

    In today’s video I will break down what exactly an energy vampire is and what you can do immediately to stop the cycle.

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