Social media could be hurting your results

Have you ever felt like you are spending so much time on social media but you are not getting the results you had hoped for ?

It is time to get really honest with yourself and be real about the actions you are taking on social media.  It is so easy to get lost in the scroll.  Looking at what others are doing, playing the comparing game, looking for engagement on your posts but not spending actual time doing income producing activities.

Sometimes you can even spend an entire day liking, commenting, and engaging on peoples post and think you are working your business.

The other issue is too much marketing not enough prospecting.  Attraction marketing is awesome and of course more eyeballs on your content is absolutely amazing for your business but it has to be secondary to actively reaching to people to invite them to take a look at your opportunity.

In this video I will break down the action steps you should be taking to enhance your results.

To your success,


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